TELPAUGU KOPŠANAS KĻŪDA - Nē, telpaugu atstāšanai ūdenī!

No, for leaving plants in water!

No, for leaving plants in water!

Another common mistake is to water the plants and not drain the water after watering them. So, the plant is planted in a proper pot with drainage holes, but for some reason the water after watering the plant is not drained from the saucer or poured from the decorative pot. And this again leads to watering the plant and the possibility of root rot.

The most common problem is when you have to pour water from a decorative pot, because after pouring it is forgotten and you can't see that there is water in the decorative pot.

The solution is quite simple, to implement a routine for yourself, that immediately after watering all the decorative pots, check whether there is no water in them and pour it out.

The second option is to replace the decorative pots with saucers, then you will immediately be able to see whether you need to pour water after pouring.

The third solution is to take the plants out of the decorative pots so that the water immediately drains into a tray or container.
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