Kādēļ telpaugiem brūnē lapu gali?

Why do houseplants have brown leaf tips?


By the time the heating season begins, the level of air humidity in the rooms drops critically. And too dry air is the most common reason why houseplants start to have dry leaf tips. Most often, it can be observed directly on thin-leaved houseplants - Spathiphyllum, Spider plant, Epipremnum, Arrowroot, etc.

- You can safely cut the dry ends of the leaves. It is not necessary to cut off the whole leaf, but only the damaged part of the leaf.

- Buy an air humidifier, not only your houseplants will be happy about it, but also your skin
- You can regularly put wet towels on the radiators so that the water evaporates from them
- You can place houseplants on trays filled with pebbles filled with water. The main plant pot with drainage holes cannot be in water.
- Move houseplants to the kitchen or bathroom if there is a window.


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