TELPAUGU KOPŠANAS KĻŪDA - Nē, telpaugu liešanai vadoties pēc citu grafika!

No, watering plants according to someone else's schedule!

No, watering plants according to someone else's schedule!

One of the mistakes I hear quite often from clients is casting plants based on a mystical casting schedule. Respectively, we hear from acquaintances, friends or neighbors that they water the particular plant once a week and we also start watering our plants once a week, because this plant grows wonderfully for them. Don't do that!!

We are never guided by mystical casting schedules! Remember that each of us has different growing conditions and these also affect how regularly the plants need to be watered. Plant size, flower pot size, flower pot material, size of the plant's root system, air humidity, amount of light, air temperature, and many other aspects affect the frequency of watering the plant.

It is most correct to familiarize yourself with the soil moisture level requirements of the plant and be guided by it. For example, if you have a succulent plant, you will allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings, whereas for flycatchers, you will keep the soil moist at all times.

By watering in this way and following the needs of the plant, you will eventually develop your own plant watering schedule, which you can begin to follow, but remember that your plant watering schedule may not work for someone else!
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