Indoor plant consultations

Indoor plant consultations

You have houseplants in your office or home, but you don't know how to take care of them or you need advice on how to revive the plant. I offer houseplant consultations both remotely and at your home or office. During the consultation, we will discuss all your current questions about houseplants.

Remote consultation

The remote consultation takes place on a platform convenient for you (Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime). During this consultation, you show me your houseplants and we discuss all the problems and I help with advice on houseplant care. During a remote consultation, I can connect to you and help you with tips on how to transplant a houseplant. The price of a one-hour video consultation is €40

On-site consultation

In a private face-to-face consultation, I visit you in the office or at home. I look at all your plants, perform pest diagnostics, advise on the placement of houseplants in the room, share houseplant care recommendations. The price of a one-hour face-to-face consultation in Riga is €75, €85 within a 100km radius around Riga.

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