Ko ievērot ja nesat telpaugus vasarā ārā?

What should be observed if you bring plants outside in the summer?

What should be observed if you bring plants outside in the summer?

The weather has already remained warm and now would be the right time to bring your plants outside, but what should be observed when bringing plants outside? Then let's talk about taking plants outside.

The first thing to remember is that if we bring plants outside, they must be acclimated to the sun. We place the starter plants in the shade and then slowly put them in the sun for a couple of hours every day. If you put the plants immediately in the sun, the leaves of more sensitive plants may burn!

Secondly, it is very important to bring the plants home in time in autumn, so that the plant is not stressed by sharp temperature fluctuations, because then the plant can drop its leaves and wither. We bring plants into rooms when the air temperature remains cold at night. Remember that tropical plants do not like temperatures below 10 degrees.

Third, insects. If the plant is in the outdoor yard or on an open balcony on the first floor, there is a risk that the plant may get a pest. If the plants are located on the balcony on the upper floors where there are no trees nearby, the risk is lower. Aphids are very active this year! Also, we cannot forget about webworms and thrips. So be sure to quarantine your plants for at least a month after you bring them indoors. Observe the plants for a month to see if any pests appear. After a month, you can place the plants in their usual places.
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