About me

Learn more about me and my plants

I'm Linda, a collector of rare houseplants.

Currently, I have around 250-300 plants in my collection. My favorite plants are various houseplants of the aroid family, so my collection mostly consists of various alocasias, monsteras, syngonias and philodendrons.

I have created my own premium houseplant soil, which I use for all my plants, and I am giving you the opportunity to buy really great houseplant soil for your plants.

Since many of the houseplants in my collection are climbing, I created sphagnum moss poles that allow the plants to climb up, reminiscent of natural growing conditions. Over time, the idea arose to educate houseplant owners and offer a wider audience the opportunity to purchase sets of sphagnum moss poles.

Currently, I have started the creation of my houseplant shop and I hope you will like it.

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