Ko ievērot mēslojot telpaugus?

No to improper plant fertilization!

No to improper plant fertilization!

One of the mistakes I often hear is improper plant fertilization or over-fertilizing.

First of all, it is very important to follow the doses indicated in the fertilizer instructions. Never put liquid fertilizer on your eyes or your senses!! Mixing the wrong fertilizer can burn the roots of the plant and the plant can die!

Second, remember that we never fertilize plants when the ground is dry!! This type can also burn the roots of the plant. Always water the plant a little before pouring the fertilizer so that the soil and roots are wet and only then pour the liquid fertilizer the next day.

Thirdly, we fertilize plants from April to October. During the winter period, when the plant is no longer in the period of active growth, we do not fertilize the plants. The exception is if the plants are grown under plant lamps, then they can be fertilized all year round, because their growth also takes place in the winter months.

We fertilize plants regularly and we do it more often in the summer, because that's when the plants have the most active growth period. For example, if we usually fertilize once a month, then in the summer months you can fertilize the plants twice a month or even every week.
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