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Benefits of sphagnum moss poles

Many of us have houseplants at home, but only a small percentage of plant lovers know about moss poles and use them for their plants. Therefore, I would like to share with you and tell you more about moss poles and their advantages.

Many of the houseplants that are currently so popular and loved by us are climbing or creeping plants that need a support pole in order to grow and develop to their full potential. Plants such as Monstera, Philodendron, also Syngonium, Epipremnum, Scindapsus will be happy if you use a moss pole instead of a regular support pole.

Initially, I was also quite skeptical about the moss poles, because it is easier and cheaper to buy a regular bamboo pole or a coconut pole, while the moss pole has to be made by yourself, and to buy everything you need and make it, the costs are quite high, because you have to buy whole packages. However, if you become more interested in moss poles and find out why others use them, you will realize that it is the best thing you can give your plants.

- Moisture 💦
Many of our much-loved houseplants are tropical plants that like and need high levels of humidity in the air. Using a moss pole, it is possible to provide a moist environment for the plant, because the moss distributes moisture evenly and the air around the plant also becomes moist.
‼️ Sphagnum moss can absorb 20 times more moisture than its total weight.

- Smaller flower pot
Growing the plant vertically with a support pole will require a smaller flower pot, as the plant's root system will also develop in the moss pole. This, in turn, is a great way to save space. When growing plants in this way, you can use a flower pot with a diameter of 12-20 cm.

- Bigger pages 🍀
As we found out earlier, over time the plant's root system will also form in the moss column. This means that a much larger root system will develop, which will help the plant grow much faster and produce larger leaves.

- Easier reproduction ✂️
Since the plant develops a root system in the moss column, it is much easier to propagate such a plant. Over time, each plant stage will develop roots that will grow into the moss column and thus, by cutting such plant stages, they can be immediately planted in the ground. Such plants, if propagated, grow and survive much faster.

- Root control 🔎
The roots of the plant are more transparent and it is possible to follow their development and whether they need to be watered. Personally, I find it very interesting to follow how plant roots develop.

I hope this article helped you better understand the benefits of a moss pole.

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