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Lechuza Pon

Lechuza Pon

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Premium class turf soil
Premium class turf soil

LECHUZA-PON is the ideal alternative where conventional soil cannot or should not be used.

Advantages of LECHUZA-PON

LECHUZA-PON is 100% suitable for all plants (even orchids and citrus plants).
LECHUZA-PON consists of high quality mineral stones that are free from pollution and contaminants.
The optimal air/water ratio for LECHUZA-PON plants is 45% water / 55% air. Vulnerability to disease is reduced. Even after some time, the structurally stable plant substrate does not condense and retains its air-permeable structure.
LECHUZA-PON can be used for years without the need to replace it! Multiple filtration in production reduces the amount of fine particles in the substrate to a minimum. It prevents deposition in the root zone and maintains a long-lasting capillary. The substance zeolite stabilizes the ideal PH balance for healthy plant growth in your LECHUZA planter. Macro and micronutrients remain constant.
LECHUZA-PON has a continuous capillary up to the planting surface. In this way, even the undergrowth and small rooted plants get the ideal amount of water.
LECHUZA plant substrate takes care of a balanced distribution of nutrients in the root zone of your planter. Thanks to the ideal feeding, the plant develops a consistent, compact root spread and becomes a durable plant that will stay with you for a long time.
LECHUZA-PON acts as a buffer that absorbs excess fertilizer and returns it to the plant when needed. Natural accumulation of nutrients prevents root burn due to over fertilization.

LECHUZA-PON has an adjusted mass weight. Your plant is firmly supported in the planter, which is important for larger plants. LECHUZA-PON makes sure that your LECHUZA planter remains stable and perfect for outdoor use. The base is a natural odor absorber, for example. dead roots. Metallic elements and contaminants (eg from water) are permanently blocked. A purely mineral plant substrate prevents the formation of fungi that attack the roots. Therefore, PON is suitable for people who may be allergic. It is not a suitable home for pests such as dark-winged fungus gnats, as they only nest in the soil. PON is free-flowing and can be used alone without soil to fill planters. When planting LECHUZA-PON, the root ball does not need to be completely freed from the soil.

LECHUZA-PON ingredients


German washed pumice

German, light lava (constantly supplies your plant with iron)

Fully coated top quality fertilizer.

The coating is purely organic and degrades without residue. Fertilizer supplies your plant with nutrients for up to 6 months.

Suitable for all plants such as green and flowering plants, orchids, citrus plants, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees and cacti!

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