Kā reanimēt telpaugu pēc pārliešanas?

How to resuscitate a plant after transplanting?

How to resuscitate a plant after transplanting?

As we have already found out, almost every one of us has had to water one of our plants. Therefore, now I would like to tell you how best to resuscitate the plant after such a transfer.

🌿First of all, we must take the plant out of the existing flower pot and free the roots of the plant from all the old soil. Look carefully at the roots of the plant and cut off any soft and damaged roots. Remember the scissors must be disinfected!

🌿Secondly, all healthy roots of the plant should be treated to prevent root rot from developing further.

There are several options for processing the roots:
✅Roots can be sprinkled with ground cinnamon. Like sulfur, cinnamon is also a natural fungicide that helps plants root while inhibiting the development of spores that cause rot in cuttings and roots. It is also an effective rooting hormone that is easy to use and inexpensive.
✅Soak the roots of the plant in water with hydrogen peroxide for an hour. The recipe is very simple 1/3 part hydrogen peroxide 3% to 2/3 parts water. This mixture can also be sprinkled preventively on plants from time to time.

🌿Thirdly, depending on the amount of remaining roots, you choose the appropriate pot size. You will definitely have to take a much smaller flower pot than before.

🌿Fourth, remember that one of the reasons why root rot occurs is that the soil is not permeable to water. Therefore, remember that it is important that the soil in which you plant your plant is light and water permeable and that it does not compact when you water the plant.

I myself plant all my plants only in my premium houseplant soil. It is a soil whose recipe I have created myself and which I mix by hand. Those who have not yet tried my soil for their plants should definitely do so. You can place orders and pay on my website https://augi-plants.lv/

🌿Fifth, after processing and planting in the new soil, I water the plants only after three days so that the roots of the plant have dried. It is best to rinse again with hydrogen peroxide water.
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