Transplanting houseplants

Entrust your plant maintenance to a professional!

Since I myself have a large collection of houseplants, about 300 plants, and I do not transplant a single houseplant every day, you have the opportunity not to worry about transplanting houseplants and entrust it to me! Regardless of the type and size of the houseplant, I will carry out maintenance tailored to it and transplant it into a professional soil created and mixed by me.

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Service description and prices

  • Prices

    • 75€ - Riga
    • 85€ - within a 100 km radius around Riga
    • Travel expenses outside the specified cities depending on your location
    • Additional charge for the materials used (soil 2.40€ / l, moss poles, metal poles, tape for fixing plants, etc.)
  • What is included?

    • A 2-hour visit to the client's home
    • transplanting all desired houseplants
    • consultation on the placement of houseplants in the room
    • indoor plant care recommendations
    • pest diagnostics for houseplants
    • consultation on other issues of interest to you related to houseplants

    I serve both private individuals, offices and legal entities.

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