Delivery is made to your chosen parcel or post office.

OMNIVA €3.50

Latvijas Pasta Parkomāts €3.50

Latvian Post Office €3.50

Orders are prepared and shipped the next business day if the order is submitted and paid for by 7:00 p.m. of the current day.

Orders with plants are not sent out on Fridays in order to exclude the risk that the package with the plant remains in the warehouse of the courier company on holidays.

Each order is packed especially carefully - the soil is fixed for each plant so that it does not fall out of the flower pot, then the plant is wrapped in paper and then placed in a box, additionally, if necessary, the box is filled with paper so that the plant is tightly fixed in the box.

In the cold months, when the air temperature reaches below +10 degrees, I recommend adding a heating element (heatpack), which distributes heat evenly for 72 hours while the package is on its way to you. Adding a heatpack to the order ensures that the plant does not freeze during the journey.

In the cold months, as far as possible, I recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to receive orders with Latvian Post parcels or at post offices, because they are located indoors!

If the customer chooses not to add a heating element to the order when the air temperature outside is below +10 degrees, I will not be responsible if the plants freeze during the journey.

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