Kādu puķu podu izvēlēties telpaugiem?

Which flower pot to choose for houseplants?

In which flower pot should I plant the plant?

Currently, there is a very wide range of flower pots in stores, so let's talk about how they differ and which one is better to buy.

Clay/ceramic flower pots

Without glaze or coating
If you are a potter, then these flower pots will be suitable for you, because compared to plastic ones, the earth dries out much faster, and the material is porous, so the air reaches the roots more easily. ‼️However, remember that the pots need to be soaked in water for 24 hours before planting the plant, otherwise the material will absorb all the water and may not leave anything for the plant.
Since ceramic pots are heavy, it is good to plant large plants in them because they hold their weight.
- Over time, the pot can become covered with salt and lime deposits, which can be visually unsightly.
- The roots of the plant can cling to the sides of the pot and may have to be damaged when transplanting.
- Such pots break quickly and can fade in the sun.

👌On the glaze or coating
These pots, like plastic pots, will not allow air to reach the roots, however, such pots have a very wide selection of designs and colors.
Take into account that they are also heavy, so it will be possible to safely plant large plants and they will hold the weight of the plant and not fall over.
- Of course, these pots also break quickly and the coating can also crack over time.

Plastic flower pots

These pots are available in a wide range of sizes and are also very light. The pots are also easy to maintain and durable.
- It should be remembered that in these pots water evaporates only through the top layer, so it is imperative to check the soil before watering the plants to see if the soil is still wet at the roots.
‼️‼️ You must choose pots with drainage holes only, so that excess water has somewhere to drain.

👌Transparent plastic pots
These are the pots I use myself. The main advantage is the ability to follow the condition of the roots and the level of soil moisture. Also, since these are orchid pots, some also have extra holes on the sides to allow for more air circulation than regular plastic pots.
- Sometimes the edges of these pots can become calcified if the plant is watered with calcareous water and then it can interfere with visibility.
- If the pots are placed in the sun without bright light, the edges of the pot may over time become covered with algae, but this can be prevented if the pot is placed in a decorative pot.
- Ten sizes of maza selection.

You can buy the transparent flower pots on my website https://augi-plants.lv/products/caurspidigie-puku-podi

Decorative flower pots

These are all pots that do not have drainage holes. Such pots have a wide selection of designs, colors and sizes. However, remember that they are only intended as a decoration to hide the plastic pot that has drainage holes.

Podi owl

These pots differ in that they have an integrated automatic watering system. This means that the plant does not need to be watered regularly, only the water level that can be seen on the water indicator should be monitored.
- Such pots will be many times more expensive than ordinary ones.
- Although these pots have a built-in watering system, you must be careful that the soil is not too wet all the time and you must choose a soil that does not compact and is air permeable.


If you have any other questions about plant care, apply for a consultation and I will be happy to help you with advice so that you can take care of your houseplants like a professional in the future. https://augi-plants.lv/products/attalinata-konsultacija

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