Nē, telpaugu stādīšanai dekoratīvajos podos!

No, for planting houseplants in decorative pots!

No, for planting plants in decorative pots!

One of the most common mistakes is planting a plant in a decorative pot without drainage holes. Decorative pots are meant for beauty, so that you can put a plastic pot with drainage holes in them, not to plant plants in them right away.

This is one of the most common mistakes I come across and the outcome is bad. The plant is usually already rootless or with severely damaged roots. The biggest problem with these pots without drainage holes is that you don't know how much water the plant will absorb each time you pour it, and all the excess water doesn't drain away but stays at the bottom of the pot, so that water slowly accumulates and the pot always has wet soil, which leads to the plant being overwatered. .

Recovery from transfusion, as I have written before, is difficult and depends on the state of the plant's roots. Not every plant will be able to be saved after transplanting and may even have to be cut and re-rooted.

The only solution is to pour little water and use soil moisture meters to understand how moist the soil is at the bottom of the pot.

The only decorative pots that I support and in which plants can be planted are the transparent glass containers, because then you can see how moist the soil is and in what condition the roots are.


If you have any other questions about plant care, apply for a consultation and I will be happy to help you with advice so that you can take care of your houseplants like a professional in the future. https://augi-plants.lv/products/attalinata-konsultacija

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