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We multiply plants

We multiply plants

The best time for plant propagation is spring and summer, because when it is warm outside and there is a lot of sunlight, plant cuttings will start growing roots much faster and the new growth points will activate. Therefore, if you plan to cut your plants and propagate them, this is the right time to do it.

You can root the cut cuttings in water, moist perlite, sphagnum moss or soil. Choose the rooting method according to your conditions and the type of plant. For example, in the summer my plants root very well in water, but in the winter I root the plants only in wet perlite and under plant lamps. Likewise, each plant has its own nuances for rooting, for example, in Monstera Deliciosa Variegata, we put only the aerial root in water, but we do not put the stem part of the cutting in water, because this Monstera has a tendency to rot, especially in winter, if the cuttings are rooted.

It is interesting that other growers recommend putting a Pothos Golden cutting in a glass of water when rooting the cuttings, and then all the cuttings in the glass will take root much faster. Did you know about this?
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